The Pig

by Robin Hutson



Product Description

A stylish, practical guide to living the good life.
Among the pages of The Pig you will find an idiosyncratic, seasonal approach to the good life, with delicious recipes, how-to guides, lists, panels and stories.
Chapters include:
Out in the Garden- The benefits of growing 12 types of mint- An essay on "the sweetness of carrots"- How to make your own sack garden- Recipe for the Gardener's sandwich
On the Table- Pigging out: how to enjoy everything from nose to tail- How to lay the (perfectly imprecise) table- Recipes for breakfast, snacks and meals all day long, including Smoked vodka BBQ pork leg, Trout p t & sourdough toast, Garden leek & cider soup, The Pig's tobacco onions and Chocolate gingerbread & smoked chilli chocolate sauce
Time for a Drink- A couple of wines that go with anything- Infusing gin with beetroot- A selection of cocktail recipes
Bring on the Festivities- How to build a perfect festival- The only five recipes you need for simple feasts outdoors- How to dance without spilling a drop
As Happy as a a Spa- Anatomy of relaxation- How to design a calm space at home- How to make your own massage oils with herbs- Nettle and lemon tea recipes
A Living Space- How to create a perfect flame, all year round- Styling a wall with boot-sale bargains- Dry and press your own fern leaf- Inside out: dressing the garden
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