Small Summer Gardens

by Emma Hardy (Contribution by)



Product Description

Turn your garden into a Bright Summer Paradise with a collection of 35 Projects to create stylish, fragrant, and abundant display, Create a gorgeous garden with flowering plants, lush foliage, special occasion displays, and edible fruit and vegetable harvests. The projects in Small Summer Gardens include hanging baskets, window boxes, beautiful flower beds, large and small pots, and pretty recycled containers. Create displays of daisies and snapdragons in a rusty planter, scented sweet peas in a metal container, a mini rose garden, a splendid arrangement of dahlias and achilleas in an enamel bowl, herbs in concrete pots, hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes, and much more. 35 creative and colorful projects for small garden, including containers, bedding plants, and special displays, Includes practical tips for growing annuals from seed, growing bulbs, using inexpensive plants in interesting ways, combining perennials and small shrubs, and growing and maintaining fruit and vegetable plants, Many projects use interesting repurposed containers such as vintage tins, trunks, and baskets, bringing a contemporary twist to an outdoor space
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