by René Goscinny; Jean-Jacques Sempé (Illustrator); Anthea Bell



Product Description

In France and Germany practically every child of seven and upwards knows the adventures of Nicholas. Written by the author of Asterix, René Goscinny, and with illustrations by New Yorkerillustrator, Jean-Jacques Sempé, the five Nicholasbooks tell of the endearing exploits of the young French school boy and his chums. Available in twenty six languages and established as a literary cult figure, the sublimely innocent Nicholas has seduced millions of readers all over the world. Considered a classic and regularly used by primary and junior school teachers, these stories have the ability to delight both children and adults. Nicholasis the first of five titles to become available to English speaking children all over the world

In some way similar to the cheekiness of Calvin and Hobbes and the innocence and naiveté of characters created by the Italian film maker Roberto Benigni, Goscinny and Sempé have created a world of confusion that makes you chuckle out load. Written between 1959 and 1965 these classic books are continually reprinted around the globe and offer, not only an entertaining read, but a vivid description of French life and culture

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