Inspector Anders and the Blood Vendetta

by Marshall Browne



Product Description

Marshall Browne is easily the best Australian mystery writer. Nicely sophisticated and generous-minded - Kate Jennings Anders is Back! It's autumn in the E.U. and the temperature is falling in more ways than one when Inspector Anders is ordered back to Italy. Two right-wing politicians have been murdered with an identical M.O. The Government is screaming: "terrorists." It's a pre-election year and the Prime Minister wants the bemedalled terrorist-hunter on the case. But the Milan cops are hardly welcoming, and the one-legged Anders is unhappy to return. Only the Mafia is delighted. But is it terrorists? Doggedly, Anders begins to peel back layers of falsity, as further high-level killings shock the nation. Swinging between Milan and Verona, locked into one of his exotic hunches, Anders agonises whether he is being sidetracked. Past lovers emerge, as does a new one. This is Anders' toughest assignment, and Matucci is fearful the Mafia will succeed in its Blood Vendetta.
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