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Inside Australia's Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials

by Andrew Lynch; Nicola McGarrity; George Williams



Product Description

Australia today is focused on the threat of terrorism like never before. The 9/11 attacks were a catalyst for the Australian Parliament to begin the enactment of a vast body of national security law. Powers and sanctions once thought to lie outside the rules of a liberal democracy except during wartime have become part of Australian law. Yet the danger of terrorism remains - as tragically demonstrated by the Sydney siege in late 2014, and the number of Australians who have taken up arms in overseas conflicts in Syria and Iraq, while others continue to be charged with terrorism offences here. Timely, piercing and addressing recent developments, this book is a clear-eyed guide to Australia's vast body of anti-terrorism laws enacted since 2001. It asks whether Australia needed to enact these laws in the first place and whether we need to keep adding to them so regularly. And have these laws been effective in protecting the community or do they represent a long-term threat to the health of Australian democracy? Which laws have proved their worth and which have not? Do the laws impinge too much on the freedoms of speech and association? And what has been their impact in Australia's anti-terrorism trials and on the Muslim community? Tellingly, the book asks whether seeing these anti-terror laws as normal is a danger in itself. Book jacket.
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