Global Megatrends

by Stefan Hajkowicz



Product Description

Global Megatrendstells a story about how the world will change over the next 20 years. "Megatrends" are gradual yet powerful trajectories of change that have the potential to throw companies, individuals and societies into freefall.

In Global Megatrendsauthor Stefan Hajkowicz identifies seven patterns of global change: resource scarcity; the challenge to protect biodiversity and the global climate; the world's ageing demographic; digital technology transformation; rapid economic growth and urbanization in the developing world; societal and consumer expectation for experiential goods and services; and finally a world where human innovation makes (just about) anything possible.

This book captures the thinking of many dedicated scientists and researchers who have devoted their careers to exploring and understanding change. The change heralded by megatrends lies beyond our direct control but not beyond our influence. By getting a picture of how the world is changing and what these megatrends are, we can alter our destiny.
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