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David Starkey's Music and Monarchy


Product Description

For the kings and queens of England, a trumpet fanfare or crash of cymbals could be as vital a weapon as a cannon. Showcasing a monarch_s power, prestige and taste, music has been the lifeblood of many a royal dynasty.

From sacred choral works to soaring symphonies, Music and Monarchy looks at how England_s character was shaped by its music. To David Starkey and Katie Greening, works like Handel_s Water Music and Tallis_s Mass for Four Voices were more than entertainment _ they were pieces signalling political intent,

wealth and ambition.

Starkey and Greening examine England_s most iconic musical works to demonstrate how political power has been a part of musical composition for centuries. Many of our current musical motifs of nationhood, whether it_s the Last Night of the Proms or football terraces erupting in song, have their origins in the way the crown has shaped the national soundtrack.

Published to coincide with a major BBC series, Music and Monarchy is not a book about music. It is a history of England written in music, from our leading royal historian.

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