Champagne and Chandeliers

by Bernadette O'Shea



Product Description

Think Christmas, think any celebration u think champagne. With infectious good humour Australia's own champagne darling pops the cork on the champagne and chandelier world, escorting us to famous occasions involving romance, history, politics, fashion and art. In story and image, we join dining tables at Buckingham Palace, Versailles and the White House, we look in on dinners with Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra and Princess Grace, we attend a spectacle with Karl Lagerfeld in China, meet R mi Krug in Hong Kong, celebrate at the wedding banquets of Princess Mary and Princess Diana; and the parade goes on. At each glittering destination we taste different champagnes chosen by the author and fi nd out what makes each of them unique. Bernadette O'Shea has a way of writing about the senses that has you tasting her words. At today's top dining tables around the world, champagne's reputation as a versatile food partner is revolutionising the art of dining. In showing us how to match food and champagne, this book is unique, getting close to the heart of defining what taste is. As an extension of the words on the page, illustrations of crystal chandeliers are a visual simile for the fascinating, multi-faceted character of the world's finest sparkling drink.
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