Between the Acts

by Virginia Woolf; Stella McNichol (Editor); Gillian Beer (Introduction by, Notes by)



Product Description

'The future shadowed their present, like the sun coming through the many-veined transparent vine leaf: a criss-cross of lines making no pattern'

It is June in 1939, and the inhabitants of a country house prepare for the annual village pageant that will be held in its grounds that day. It will tell the stories of English history, as it does every year. Yet the coming of war broods over the whole community, changing the meaning of past and present, and heralding a new act. Through her characters' passionate musings and private dramas, and through the enigmatic figure of the pageant's author, Miss La Trobe, Virginia Woolf's playful final novel both celebrates and mocks Englishness, and re-creates the elusive role of the artist.

Edited by Stella McNichol
With an introduction and notes by Gillian Beer

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