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Glowing praise for Tim Winton’s new novel

The local literary world is highly excited by the arrival of The Shepherd’s Hut, Tim Winton’s 12th novel. My Bookshop shares the enthusiasm,  with our bookseller Corrie describing it as “an outstanding work which is destined to feature on the shortlist of all Australia’s 2018  literary awards’’. The Shepherd’s Hut, follows the journey of Jaxie Claxton, a resilient, traumatised teenager growing up in an isolated West Australian...

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His own man? Rather

We confess to being big fans of Australian-born lawyer, human rights advocate, commentator, public intellectual and academic Geoffrey Robertson QC. The arrival of a sequel to his best-selling The Justice Game prompted a fair bit excitement and we are delighted to have the chance to recommend Rather His Own Man to customers who love true stories, the biography genre, and the remarkable...

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Strong sales for "a polished debut"

One of the big performers among our new 2018 fiction list is The Ruin by Irish-born, WA-based Dervla McTiernan.  Our bookseller Scott Noble, who has been keenly recommending the novel since it arrived in store last month, describes The Ruin as "the story of the mysterious suicide of a young man who may be connected to a crime that took place...

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Countdown to Stella shortlist

Next week, on International Women’s Day on March 8, the Stella Prize judging panel will announce its shortlist for 2018 (the winning book will be announced in Sydney on April 12). During last month’s  longlist announcement, the judges said: “In a year when women’s voices are demanding to be heard, the 2018 Stella Prize longlist showcases the power and diversity of writing...

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Summer Reading Highlight

When Alex Miller first migrated to Australia from war-ravaged London in the early 1950s, he wanted to fulfil a childhood dream to live in rural Queensland and become a stockman. Writing novels was not on Miller’s roadmap. Indeed, to this 16-year-old travelling on his own, the notion of furthering his education and literacy skills must have seemed as remote as...

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Corrie's pick of the summer novels

So much luxurious reading time, and so many fine new fiction and non-fiction books! My January holiday suitcase was overloaded (as usual!) with a raft of titles suggested by my bookshop colleagues, by our customers, and by newspaper reviewers. And although I still haven’t read all the books I took away (again – as usual!), there were a couple of...

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Who is George Saunders and what is "The Bardo"?

He is 58, a former geophysical engineer, a debut novelist and short story specialist, and most of the characters in his book are dead. Plus – and this really gets up the noses of Man Booker Prize purists - George Saunders, the winner of this year’s prize for Lincoln In The Bardo, is an American. So what on earth were the judges thinking?

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Clinton memoir still a hot topic

Last Monday’s Four Corners program featuring Sarah Ferguson’s outstanding interview with 2016 Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton prompted new interest in Clinton’s memoir What Happened Continue reading