His own man? Rather

We confess to being big fans of Australian-born lawyer, human rights advocate, commentator, public intellectual and academic Geoffrey Robertson QC. The arrival of a sequel to his best-selling The Justice Game prompted a fair bit excitement and we are delighted to have the chance to recommend Rather His Own Man to customers who love true stories, the biography genre, and the remarkable journey of a gifted and courageous Australian. 

Robertson can write. He also  tells a great yarn. And throughout the book you have a sense of the author-as-third-person-narrator on his own life. His  memoir is a  treasure chest of famous names, the fun of London life, family happenings and cultural observations.

On opera, Robertson writes: " Barrister and author John Mortimer always said he was glad he did not discover Wagner until he was 60, otherwise he would have spent months of his life  Ring -cycling (it would have been his only exercise). I discovered Wagner when I was 30 and must have spent months absorbing his leitmotifs (the length of attendance at the  Ring compares with a flight from London to Australia). Degas' drawings excepted, I can't help but find ballet silly, and I do not have the patience to sit through orchestral concerts. I cannot sit still in a living room on a wet Sunday afternoon and listen to or watch an opera: I need the expensive thrill of a live performance."

Click here if you would like to purchase a copy, or call our shop. And if you ’ d like to learn more about this  fabulous memoir, perhaps have a listen to Radio National ’ s Phillip Adams, in conversation with Robertson this week. 


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